like attracts like


“like attracts like”,BEING IRRESISTIBLY ATTRACTIVE. What is it? Is it the new millennium’s version of the “Dating Game?” Or is it “How to Attract the Perfect Job,” 21st century style?

Being irresistibly attractive is about energy. It’s about your energy, and the energy of the people with whom you relate. We are all energy fields; energy is all around us. It’s invisible, it’s real, and it’s very powerful. And it’s your energy that directs how you live success… from the inside out. Think of it this way. Your energy extends out around you and bumps up against the person next to you. The person’s energy next to you bumps up against you and your energy.

Let’s play for a moment. Find someone who will experiment with you. Hold your hands about two to three inches apart from each other for a minute and feel what happens. We put energy out into the world, and we attract it back to us. Have you heard the expression, “like attracts like?” Well, what’s happening right now? Are you feeling warmth between you? Does it feel prickly? Is there electricity? That’s your energy attracting energy from the other person. If it’s true that “like attracts like,” wouldn’t you agree that you want to be putting good things out there so you attract good things back?

Think about someone you know who is very needy or someone who has lots of Problems. What kind of people do you think they attract and have around them? Right, they attract other needy people or people with lots of problems. Because of the negative energy they’re putting out, they’re actually repelling the kind of positive, successful people they’d like to be around.

Notice the kind of energy you’re putting out into your world. Is it positive or negative? Remember that “like attracts like.” If you’re not happy with what’s coming back you, then take a look at the kind of energy putting out there to begin with in the form of your thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions. Ask yourself this, “What can I think, say, or do differently the next time so I can attract back to me what I really want?” And then do it. Start practicing being irresistibly attractive today.

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